Hotel revenue management by MyRatesMagic®

Hotel revenue management | Rate Plans in the cloud.
Create, design, calculate any hotel rate plans.
Back office solution, that's quick, easy and secure.

What makes MyRatesMagic® unique?

1. Eliminates hotel rate calculation errors.
2. Remarkable back-office employee-hour time savings.
3. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers.
4. Rate plan design in minutes, results in seconds.
5. Supercharges overall revenue management efficiency.
6. Optimises hotel rate loading process.
7.Protects your hotel revenue.

Why use MyRatesMagic®?

Save time, Save money & Increase efficiency.

Hotel rates management is a central pillar of Hotel Revenue Management.
The efficient creation, design and calculation of hotel rate plans directly impacts your hotel revenue management activities.
Having the right tools available gaurantees you always have the right data for comparison.

Discover MyRatesMagic. Your secret weapon to taking your hotel revenue management efficiency to the next level.


What does MyRatesMagic® include?

MyRatesMagic® is a software as a service including 5 powerful hotel revenue management modules, allowing you to create, design, calculate hotel rate plans, plus run comprehensive scenarios.


MyRatesMagic® System

Make smarter hotel revenue management distribution decisions.

icon for hotel rate plan creator
Manage Hotel Rate Plans

The Rate Plan Creator is a fast, flexible, easy to use module for creating and managing your hotel rate plans in the cloud.

Manage and keep track of multiple hotel rate plans and boost your hotel revenue management processes.

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Icon for MyRatesMagic® hotel rate plan designer
Design hotel rate plans

The Rate Plan Designer is a powerful module that gives you quick & easy control over essential hotel rate plan elements: Room types, occupancies, meals, extra adult, child supplements and much more.

Target specific hotel rate plan elements and maximise revenue where you want it.

Guaranteed to increase hotel revenue management efficiency.

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Icon for Hotel rate plan calculation engine.
Calculate hotel rate plans in seconds.

The Calculation Engine is a fast and accurate system module for calculating hotel rates for any hotel rate plan.

It is the beating heart of the MyRatesMagic® system, handling large volumes of specific calculation criteria from the Rate Plan Designer behind the scenes. As a result it brings you accurate distributable per room occupancy pricing in seconds.

Takes your hotel revenue management to new heights.

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Icon for MyRatesMagic® Loading Reports
Generate Loading Reports in seconds.

The Loading Reports intelligently receive Hotel Rate Plan Designer and Calculation Engine data.

At the click of a button they produce accurate per room occupancy reports for all occupancy combinations in seconds.

Loading reports are a must have for any hotel revenue management team.

Keep track of what was, what is and what will be.

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Icon MyRatesMagic® Scenario Planning
Hotel rate plan comparisons made easy.

Scenario Planning is a fast way to compare and analyse hotel rate plans.

Consolidate hotel rate plans into a dynamic pivot table, compare against previous offers, commission levels and drill down into insights that matter.

Avoid lengthy analysis work with spreadsheet solutions.

Hotel revenue management analysis brought to life on the screen in seconds.

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