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Richard Bedenham BSc is a highly motivated, experienced, hotel project, revenue, yield, channel manager professional who loves all types of technology systems.

Well versed with the online distribution landscape for hotels, he has extensive technology project management experience in planning, designing, and launching internal systems, to web application projects. As well as technology efficiency projects for hotels that drive hotel efficiency and revenue performance.

A vast array of digital marketing experience such as campaign design, execution and tracking, social media platforms, reputation systems and customer relationship management systems, unique places him to offer a broad range of services and solutions to his clients.

Working with a strong work ethic attitude Richard Bedenham believes in working with clients to turbo-charge overall revenue management efficiency and performance.

Richard has been working in the hotel revenue management sphere since 2010. Exposing him to numerous technology platforms, such as channel management solutions, OTA systems, PMS solutions, rate shopping applications of varying degrees of complexity. He is also well versed in revenue management strategies in particular back-office revenue management efficiency techniques that make a difference.

RJB Systems Ltd was born in 2015 and by 2018 Richard launched a prototype of MyRatesMagic® for hotels and resorts for market testing and feedback.

MyRatesMagic® is a rate plan management application, including Pricing Engine, loading reports and scenario planning insights in the cloud.

The MyRatesMagic® system proved to save hundreds of employee hours, protect hotels revenue and boost revenue management efficiency.

“There is a direct relationship between optimal revenue performance and revenue management back-office efficiency. Hotel distribution starts with you.”

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