MyRatesMagic® is a must Software as Service  hotel rate plan management tool designed to take your headaches away.

With MyRatesMagic® you can create any hotel rate plan in the cloud. It takes minutes to generate and seconds to get results.

It offers hotel rate plan management in a simple hassle free way, enabling you to control your rate structures. Run special offer scenarios and get instant comparison results.

It sits on the hoteliers side, before distribution. 

MyRatesMagic® was designed to work for anyone dealing with the management hotel rates, special offers and hotel fact sheet information, from hotels to travel agents. Ideal for Hotel Managers, reservations officers, front office managers, sales managers, travel agents, tour operators, e-commerce managers or revenue managers, looking to access decision impact through scenario planning and avoid revenue loss. A crystal ball prior to distribution, that protects your revenue.

MyRatesMagic® organises your essential hotel fact sheet information as well as your hotel rate plans. Please have a look at our explainer video that captures the essence of MyRatesMagic®

MyRatesMagic® is a software as a service including 7 powerful modules, allowing you to create, design, calculate hotel rate plans, plus run comprehensive scenarios and reporting.

It allows you to make smarter hotel revenue management distribution decisions before distribution.

MyRatesMagic® is your crystal ball into the future, allowing you to mitigate risk and make the best distribution decisions for your business.

Assess the real impact before distribution!  Avoids, let’s try and see! You need to know!

Save time, Save money & Increase efficiency.
Hotel rates management is a central pillar of Hotel Revenue Management.
The efficient creation, design and calculation of hotel rate plans directly impacts your hotel revenue management activities.
Having the right tools available guarantees you always have the right data for comparison and distribution.

Discover MyRatesMagic®. Your secret weapon to taking your hotel revenue management efficiency to the next level.

• Avoid the risk of rate calculation errors.
• Data Accuracy.
• Fast and Secure.
• Avoids manual hotel rate plan calculation.
• Efficiently manage multiple rate plans.
• Easily scale hotel rate plans from simple to very complex.
• Rate plan occupancy combination calculations performed in seconds.
• Avoids using problematic, dated spreadsheet solutions.
• Boosts succession planning and training efficiency.
• On demand occupancy combination pricing reports.
• Organise hotel rate structures.
• Generate as many rate plan design variations as you like.
• Compare across multiple rate structures.
• Avoids searching time for rate structure details, everything is at your fingertips.
• Full database management (referential data integrity & accessibility).
• Completely accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device.
• Supercharges hotel rate structure management and boosts overall revenue management efficiency.
• Run unlimited ‘What if’ Scenario Planning.
• Hotel rate plans infinitely variable.
• Keep track of selling prices with different stacked offers.
• Get insights prior to distribution.
• Safeguards against revenue leakage.
• GDPR Compliant. MyRatesMagic® works with rate management data only. Any personal data (user data) is contained via contractual consent.
• Fast, reliable Amazon cloud servers to ensure 24/7/365 data accessibility.
• Support & training services available as part of subscription.
• Data security provided via strong SSL encryption and security services provided by Amazon Web Services. (AWS).
• Superior channel management distribution capability.

1. Eliminates hotel rate calculation errors through manuel hotel rate calculation and recalculation.
2. Remarkable back-office employee-hour time savings.
3. Built by hoteliers for hoteliers.
4. Years of calculation flow experience incorporated by design.
5. Rate plan design in minutes, results in seconds.
6. Supercharges overall revenue management efficiency.
7. Optimises hotel rate loading process.
8. Protects your hotel revenue.
9. One of a kind hotel rate plan scenario planning analytics dashboard for insights that matter.
10. Predict special offer impact before distribution.

MyRatesMagic® was developed within the hotel industry over the course of 6 years and has been tested in an independent resort hotel and a chain environment (consisting of 25 properties). Resorts have arguably the most complicated pricing structures and MyRatesMagic® has been designed to handle them with ease. The products occupancy calculation methodology is based around hotel industry standard calculation methods, along with methods specifically designed to boost revenue on specific rate structure elements. All has been verified against major Tour Operator standards and confirmed as accurate. Yes, you can have confidence in this product!

MyRatesMagic® helps automate manual hotel price calculation work. It allows hotel managers, yield executives, yield & revenue managers or back office staff to save an incredible amount of time and money. Data is loaded and organized into easy to use exportable price profile reports that can be managed 24/7/365 via a web-based interface.

Exported data can be in a multitude of ways, such as verification of partner contracts, loaded into existing revenue management software (channel managers – prices fed through a single interface into multiple online distribution channels, i.e. hotel website,, Expedia etc) or loaded into partner Extranets (directly into or Expedia etc).

MyRatesMagic® also offers the ability to scenario plan, by running multiple discount and commission levels to determine the most suitable offer to market that works with the hotel’s price levels. A hotel more than likely has multiple price levels, for example, German market, Russian market, European market, Middle East market, Internet NET rates, Internet selling rates, Group Rates, Local Rates, Rack Rates and they all have different associated elements.

Using MyRatesMagic®, all of these rate plans can be loaded and then compared using Scenario planning to evaluate special offers prior to distribution. The independence of this application allows for unlimited scenarios without the risk of receiving reservations at incorrect prices!

Absolutely! You can try MyRatesMagic® for 14 days Free of Charge. Please contact us for details.

Customer support is provided by MyRatesMagic®, through phone, e-mail or Skype chat. In terms of system usage and data interpretation assistance.

Absolutely! MyRatesMagic® customer data is stored on Amazon Web Services architecture. More information on security in the cloud can be found here: Data encryption will be enabled when logging in and using the application. The application is only accessible via a username and password. Clients will be prompted to change their passwords regularly.
Yes! MyRatesMagic® only stores rate structure information and hotel information that is freely promoted to the public. Any customer information that is required to gain access to the system is done via contract, whereby the customer has agreed to supply this information in order to access and use the system.

MyRatesMagic® calculation automation will save lots of time, increase accuracy and in turn increase revenue for properties using it. MyRatesMagic® scenario planning gives specific insight into the impact of running various special offers on bottom line income, after the deduction of combinable offers, commission payouts and taxes. Insights prior to distribution.

Your subscription will include training. It will consist of Online training, which can be conducted over Skype. 

We thrive on receiving product feedback. In fact the current version of MyRatesMagic® has progressed to where it is now based on customer feedback. Please simply let us know and we will include your suggestions in our next releases.

MyRatesMagic® is proven to save hundreds of hours. Please have a look at our speed test video, where the MyRatesMagic® prototype took on the process of manual hotel rate calculations under perfect conditions to get a benchmark.

In comparing calculation time with calculation time, the comparison revealed a time of 20 seconds for MyRatesMagic® and a time of 1 hour, 17 minutes for a hotel scenario, under perfect conditions.

Employees will end up working years in advance since they can calculate and load data accurately and quickly. They can reload and recalculate whenever necessary.

Loss generating special offers will no longer get distributed.

Overall conversion rates and online distribution revenue will increase.

At the present time, we do not interface with any customer relationship management systems, however, we are always on the lookout for new partnerships!

Feel free to contact us with more information.

MyRatesMagic® is not sold on an exclusive basis. It is available as a software as a service (SAAS) and anyone can use it to make operational efficiency improvements that will make an overall difference to hotel revenue performance

You can submit your requests from directly inside the application. We love receiving feedback and will do our best to include them in our upcoming releases.

MyRatesMagic® is soon to be integrated with the primalRES channel manager and WebHotelier booking engines, meaning you distribute your scenarios to your online channels. 

MyRatesMagic® starts from €50.00 per month per hotel. Prices then vary depending  on the number of hotel rooms, whereby smaller properties pay less and larger properties pay more.

Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.