Password Management

Password management is a critical step in guaranteeing your efficiency and security, when working with the numerous web based systems contributing to your hotels overall internet sales system! Some tools will be free, others will be subscription based, but all of them will have login credentials, consisting of a specific URL, username and password, as well as other security information.

Passwords are the keys to your hotels digital life, and the variety and quality of your system passwords is central to online security!

A typical hotel is likely to have many accounts across key areas:

Social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Google and consolidator tools.

Partner Extranets: B2C & B2B, GDS and others.

Reputation: TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, consolidator tools.

System tools: Channel manager, booking engines, revenue management tools, competition shopping, etc.

Website back office, website development tools.

Statistical tools for data analysis, website monitoring & auditing.

How can a password manager help?

Emphasis placed on password management will save you and your teams an incredible amount of time, avoiding unnecessary frustrating situations of trying to locate and manage your passwords. Every piece of security information will be readily available for use as and when required!

It is strongly recommended to put an end to storing passwords in Word & Excel documents. Password managers are designed to store passwords whereas Excel & Word documents are not! A lot of password managers will log you in automatically to frequently used websites, using a spreadsheet will require you to copy and paste and then remember to clear your clipboard or browser cache. Worse still, you may need to manually retype your credentials.

When key members of staff move on, you will have a central area to reset your passwords before their departure.

Security has always been a hot topic and the most popular websites are likely to continue adding new layers of security to protect their customer data, meaning you will have even more to remember! Password Management is made simple because it is virtually impossible to keep defining more and more passwords for your growing number of systems.

Key ingredients when choosing a password manager:

Fast, strong password generator / ONE (1) Password to remember!

Offline availability.

Two Factor authentication.

Browser extensions & mobile apps.

Quick password management.

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