Good-bye manual hotel rate plan calculation and recalculation.

Magically calculate all the details with the MyRatesMagic® pricing engine.

Pricing Engine

MyRatesMagic® Pricing Engine is a fast and accurate solution to calculate hotel rates for any hotel rate plan. Giving hotel managers, front office managers, reservations officers, e-commerce managers the insights that matter prior to distribution.

It works hand in hand with the Hotel Rate Plan Designer. Quickly combining and calculating hotel rate plan data on demand into distributable per room occupancy pricing.

With proven calculation techniques included by design, as well as lots of nice to haves, MyRatesMagic® Pricing Engine is revolutionizing revenue management efficiency for hotels.

  • Data accuracy & Integrity.
  • Fast calculations - seconds for results.
  • Combines hundreds of variable criteria for precision rate production control.
  • Works hand-in-hand with Rate Plan Designer, Reporting & Scenario Planning.
  • Intelligently combines & calculates per occupancy rates for any hotel rate plan.
  • Significantly boosts rate management efficiency
  • Turbo-charges your hotel revenue management performance.