Hotel Revenue
management admin efficiency made easy!

It takes minutes to generate and seconds to get results!

MyRatesMagicⓇ Hotel Rate Plans in the Cloud.

It takes minutes to generate and seconds to get results!

Create, Design, Calculate, Analyse and get the insights that matter! With MyRatesMagic® you can create any hotel rate plan in the cloud. It’s fast, easy and secure. Consisting of 7 powerful modules that help, hotel managers, reservations officers, front office managers, sales managers, travel agents, tour operators, ecommerce managers, revenue managers, hotel management companies, genuinely turbo-charge hotel administration efficiency and revenue management performance.

Hotel Profile

Manage Hotel Fact Sheet Profile(s)

Quickly and easily manage essential hotel profile information.
Hotel Profile lets you manage all the essential elements that make up your hotel fact sheet, fast and easy on one screen.

My Hotels

Manage one or more hotels.

Fast and simple management of hotel profiles and rate plans
My Hotels lets you manage one or more hotel profiles, fast and easy on one screen.

Rate Plan Creator

Create and Mange Hotel Rate Plans in the Cloud.

Import existing hotel rate plans or create them from scratch.
The Rate Plan Creator is a fast, flexible, easy to use module for creating and managing hotel rate plans in the cloud.

Rate Plan Designer

Offering a superior hotel rate plan design experience in the cloud.

Create your rate plans, the way you want them, with the Rate Plan Designer.
The Rate Plan Designer is a smart module that allows you to quickly and easily manage essential hotel rate plan elements in 9 logical steps for success.

Pricing Engine

Good-bye manual hotel rate plan calculation and recalculation.

Magically calculate all the details with the
MyRatesMagic® pricing engine.
Benefit from years and years of calculation flow experience, already built in to MyRatesMagic®. Capable of handling large volumes of specific calculation criteria from the Rate Plan Designer behind the scenes. Bringing everything together into accurate distributable per room occupancy based pricing in seconds.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting that covers essential revenue management bases.

Generate comprehensive reports, covering all rate plan combinations.
From beautiful hotel factsheets, rate sheet reports, to occupancy combination reporting, to scenario comparisons, to a detailed special offer analysis, with key selling prices, MyRatesMagic® comprehensive reporting has got you covered

Scenario Planning Interactive Analytics Dashboard

Assess the impact of special offers prior to distribution.

Get access to our one of a kind, interactive scenario planning analytics dashboard and get the insights that matter.
MyRatesMagic® Scenario Planning delivers speed and efficiency when comparing and analysing hotel rate plans, via a multidimensional real time on screen display that is fully customisable to your scenario needs.