Property Management System (PMS)

Hotel Property Management Systems or PMS for short are business critical applications that help hotels of all types and sizes focus on guest experiences.

Its a central control system for your hotel. Some essential features include availability/ room type management, reservations, guest history tracking, sales and statistics, points of sales, back office inventory, guest spending in house, financials, staff and much more.

Every aspect of your hotel is handled by a single integrated system to make your property management more efficient, allowing you to focus on improving guest experiences, without the worry of tracking the various aspects of your business.

In today’s fast-paced travel landscape, it is vital to consider connectivity with other systems. Connectivity with a channel manager would ensure reservation data flows into the PMS automatically.
When selecting the right solution, make sure you check references thoroughly and that the company has a long-standing track record in providing hospitality systems. Ensure that after sales support is exceptional! You inevitably find out what any company is worth, based on its level of after-sales support.

Software installations get typically done on site; however, this has changed considerably over the years with providers leveraging the internet to deliver PMS capabilities. It is well worth noting that PMS via software as a service (SaaS) can be heavily reliant on excellent internet connectivity. Investigate offline support.

Systems usually sold on a modular basis, whereby you receive a standard set of modules and can then purchase additional add-ons.

The travel tech market has lots of technology companies, and it is so tempting to try and get different systems to start talking to each other. It can cause integration issues. Only in extreme cases should you venture down the road of systems integration, this can be very time consuming to develop and maintain.

Price points will vary greatly! Most providers generally charge one-off setup costs and usually yearly maintenance fees; others may be subscription-based services.

Resources committed to finding the most appropriate Property Management System for your hotel will be well worth the investment.