Offering a superior hotel rate plan design experience in the cloud

Create your rate plans, the way you want them, with the Rate Plan Designer.

Rate Plan Designer

The Rate Plan Designer gives you the power and flexibility to create multiple rate plan design variations from 1 rate plan, quickly and effectively!

Control essential hotel rate plan structure elements: Room Types, Occupancies, Occupancy Overrides, Periods, Room Type Supplements, Meals, Extra Adult & Child Supplements, Special Meal Supplements, Special Offers & Commission, Tax Data, Policies.

Also includes mark-up for NET & BAR Hotel Rates. Target specific hotel rate plan elements and maximise revenue where you want it.

Guaranteed to increase hotel revenue management efficiency.

  • Remarkable back-office time savings.
  • Changes applied fast, accurately & hassle-free.
  • Precision control over your hotel rate plans.
  • Includes all standard meal types: 'Accommodation Only', 'Bed & Breakfast', 'Half Board', 'All Inclusive', 'Ultra All Inclusive' and more on 1 rate plan.
  • Supports multiple price profiles on a single rate plan. For example, per room, per unit or per unit with supplements.
  • Fast and easy access through tabbed design.
  • Tried and tested rate plan design methodology built-in.
  • Control any design element to achieve almost any hotel rate plan your heart desires.
  • Fast and flexible quick edit controls.
  • % and fixed value supplement support.